May 10 News release:

As of June 1 2018, the Lucas Oil Southern States D-2 Midgets Series will allow the stock "built" engines to race the remaining of the year on a trial bases for the rest of 2018. This would be the BADGER/POWRi ( rules: pg. 17) type engine under the stock block configuration but must weight 1250 lbs. after race with driver. We feel this will allow the heavier drivers and older cars that compete to become more competitive and ones that are thinking they might be too heavy for a midget can now be competitive so we will close the gap with the added horsepower.

We are by NO means going to abandon our D-2 stock engines and rules we now have had in place for several years now and is strictly on a trial bases. I would hope other D-2/Speed2 series would follow suit as a trial bases. I have had way too many bigger racers want to race an affordable midget but feel they would not be competitive when they would be out weighted close to 100-150 lbs more with the same engine. D-2 was established FOR the average working fellow, and we want to try an include ALL/AS MANY working type of people whether they are slim or heavy. Thank you all and remember to PLEASE support your local racetrack wherever that maybe.