Southern States Midget Series 
Founder and President Wayne Davis had a vision to bring affordable midget racing to the south. He did not know in 2010 when Division II midget racing was established  that it would spread throughout the nation. Division 2 midgets are full size midgets just like their counterpart "National" midgets execept without the $40,000.00 engine price tag that comes with running up front in a national car. D-2 cars are powered by stock block/stock head configeration with 1000cc motorcycle engines also used. Midget racing has been a staple of racing long before the stock car era. As of today there are 7 other series that has taking the same rules in Indiana, Ohio, Illinios, Missouri, Texas, New England, New York. The Lucas Oil Southern States D-2 series also allows the 600 mini sprints to race with them since no one in the south runs them without a wing. 
There are several different engines to be used with D-2. Ford Focus, Chevy Ecotec, Honda K-24, Pontiac Quad 4, Ford DuraTec and 1000cc motorcycle engine. These engines cost from $1500 salavage yard engine up to about $7500 race ready which includes brand new oil pan/electronics/headers/fuel system...drop in and go race...chassis you can get used from $4000-$8000 and new $12000 to $15000. Used complete cars will go $5000-$10500 race ready.
As LOSSMS embarks on another season we see the hard leg work is paying of as there are racers buying or building cars for the 2018 season. LOSSMS strives to put on a show for the fans cuse without the fans there could be NO SHOW

 #         NAME        HOMETOWN          CHASSIS       ENGINE    SPONSORS
3 - Tommy Denton - Fleming Island, Fl. - Beast - 2.4 Chevy Ecotec - Denton Motorsports ...Former Dixie Outlaw, Florida Sprint Car Series and 2016 Lucas Oil Southern States Midget Series Champion
wee3 - Otto Scrape - Bartow, Fl. - Triple X Chassis - 2.4 Honda .... 4 time Florida Sprint Car Champion
04 - Eddie  Moss -  Deland, Fl. Hyper Chassis - Suzuki 600 - Hyper Racing Pa. Moss Motorsports...3 Time Florida Mini Sprint Champion
7 - Sean Brierley - Davidson, NC - Hyper Chassis - Yamaha R6
07 - Zak Gorski - Deland, Fl. - Hyper Chassis - Suzuki 600 - Moss Motorsports
7J - Bob Jordan - Brainbridge, Ga. - Stealth Chassis - 2.4 Ecotec - Lucas Oil, Atlantic Powder Coating Jacksonville Fl., For The Warriors Foundation
8 - Jim Young - Somerset, Pa. - RTS Chassis - Yamaha R6 - 2018  Lucas Oil 600's Gator "DIRT" Nationals Champion, Has over 500 wins in 600's 
11s - Ian Schroeder - New Smyrna Beach, Fl. - Hyper Chassis - GSXR-600 - Bezz Believe, Hype Racing, Metric Cycle Broken Arrow, Ok., Guhl Motors. 14 year old racer with over 30 wins in his young career
14B - Rohan Beasley - Mechanicsburg, Pa. - WMR Chassis - Suzuki 1000 - Dryer Verg Wizard, Metzger Signs... 2017 Gator "DIRT" Nationals Champion
15 - Kyle Rhodes - Hinesville, Ga. - Factor 1 Chassis - Quality Die Set Corp. Logansport, Indiana
23 - RheaLynn Moss - Deland, Fl. - Hyper Chassis - Suzuki 600 - Moss Motorsports
29 - TBA - Maxim Chassis - 2.0 Ford Focus - Lucas Oil, Atlantic Powder Coating Jacksonville Fl., For The Warriors Foundation
30 - Bob Brown - The Villages, Fl. - Henchcraft Chassis - Suzuki 1000 - Becker Racing
30x - John "JT" Crowder - Summerfield, Fl. - Hyper Chassis - Suzuki 600 - Traffic Supplies & Distribution, A Step Above Signs
42 - Tim Nye - Troutman, NC - Nye Chassis - 636 Kawasaki - Brian Ford Engines
45 - Terry Becker - The Villages, Fl. - Triple X Chassis - 2.0 Ford Focus - Becker Racing
80 - Mike Ward - Charolotte NC, - Beast Chassis - 2.0 Ford Focus
92 - Frank Beck - Sarasota Fl. - Eagle Chassis - 2.4 Chevy Ecotec - Lucas Oil, Atlantic Powder Coating Jacksonville Fl., For The Warriors Foundation, MWR Technology Jollit Ill. ... 2010 East Bay Raceway Sprint Car Champion, 2016 Lucas Oil Southern States Midget Series Rookie Of The Year, 2017 Lucas Oil Southern States Midget Series Champion
95 - Paige Moss - Deland Fl. - Hyper Chassis - Suzuki 750 - Moss Motorsports - 2014 ROY Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.

This rule  WILL NOT  be in place for the last 4 races of 2019:
No purpose built race engine blocks, race engine cylinder heads or race engine crankshafts are allowed.
No purpose built race engines are allowed.

The allowance for OLDER (2010 under) purpose built engines is as follows:

Any OLDER engine that has race with the ARDC/USAC midgets in the pass is welcome.
Must have been manufactured and raced in 2010 or before.

Weight: 1200 lbs
RR tire PSI after race 15psi

LR tire PSI after race 12psi

This rule was in place for the 5 races last year. I am in the process of any new rule changes for the next 3 years and want to make sure this is an option. Once I write it in I do not change the rules for 3 years and the reason for that is anyone that wants to buy a car and race with us they know that this package is good for 3 years.

Please PM me, text me or call before you make the trip with your engine combo to make sure it is legal.

Design Studio 66

Spring Fling Winner 

Robbie Smith Ocala, Fl.